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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use our product/services ?

    Data analysis companies who want to serve their clients through single sign-on portal. Companies or Business Analysts looking to commercialize their Power BI Report portfolio and serve their client base with single client portal.

  • What is on-premises product and how to use it ?

    In this offering, you will get complete executable to get web portal up and running on your servers. You can also choose to get source code for customization as per your requirements (software license agreement required to be signed). We charge one-time setup fee of € 2500 with on-site support of 2 days. Our consultants will help in setting up of portal as per requirements (CRM connection/Row Level Security setup etc.).

  • Do I need special setup to use your product ?

    For cloud version, you do not need any setup as we have all the necessary infrastructure ready in Azure cloud. For on-premises version, you will require Azure subscription with admin privileges (if not, we will assist to get one) Power BI Pro account

  • How quickly can I implement on-premises version ?

    With our automated setup tool, you can have your web portal up and running in less than 4 hours (depending upon fulfilment of pre-requisites).

  • How can I use other data sources (Database, Cube, Excel, CSV etc.) ?

    With our Strong database backend and Graph API knowledge, you can connect with any data source through Data Gateways installed on our server. With On-premises version, we will assist you in setting up necessary data source connections.

  • Where does my data reside ?

    Your data resides on Azure datacenter in The Netherlands.

  • Which variant is suitable for me (Cloud/on-premises) ?

    From our experience, for start-ups or companies looking for Proof of Concept model, our cloud offering will be ideal (low investment and quick time-to-market). For Medium/large scale companies, who already have Azure Subscription and related resources, our on-premises offering is ideal.

  • Can I have customized dashboard as per my requirements ?

    Yes of course. We use JavaScript based frontend as a landing page to keep the unique look and feel for your web portal. Also with our configurable drilldown mechanism you can point any widget to any SSRS/Power BI report. With our Customizable front-end, you can create unique User Experience for your end users.

  • What is cloud version and how to use it ?

    You can choose your own URL and let us know. We will set-up (if domain name available) and host self-service Web application on our servers. Hosting charges are paid monthly. Support and maintenance of web portal costs as low as € 200 per month and can be discontinued anytime with one month notice.

  • What are my licensing obligations towards Microsoft ?

    With on-premises version, you have to take care of Azure subscription, Embedded Capacity and Single Power BI Pro account. For Cloud solution, you do not have any obligations qua licenses, as we have covered those requirements.

  • How quickly can I have my web portal up and running ?

    When we host your web portal on our servers, web portal is ready for use within a single day.

  • What kind of support can I expect ?

    We would help in setting up and portal. For on-premises version, we would send the information about our product updates. Through our portal ( you can always reach us for support/issues.

  • What are your GDPR related policies ?

    Your data is completely safe with us. With our enhanced security access and pro-active maintenance measures, you can be 100% assured about safety of your data. We adhere strictly to GDPR regulations.