Power Dashboard for Power BI

Easily share your key data, metrics and KPIs to lot of external users in a clear, compelling way.


Power BI Dashboards for external users without overwhelm

One Dashboard

Design one dashboard that automatically shows right data to each Partner, Client or Supplier

Save Money

Easy and powerful user management without paying Power BI subscription

Empower Users

Empower users to correct mistakes or update data on their own


The limitations of standard Power BI dashboards

Power BI is not only costing you money but also time when it comes to sharing dashboard to external users like your Partners, Clients, Suppliers, Service Providers etc.

  • Manually create separate dashboard for different users
  • Pay Power BI subscription for each user
  • Limited customization on visual elements with no branding
  • Users rely on you to correct mistakes or update data
  • Time consuming user management

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Dashboards designed

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Handy tools for sharing dashboards

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Client Portals Delivered

Interactive dashboards for Power BI


User's choice

Enable each user to customize dashboard the way they like it


Custom widgets

Dashboard with powerful visuals and interactive elements


Branded everything

Users can signup, login and use Power BI from your own URL with branded visuals


All platforms and devices

Use it on web, mobile or even a wall display for real-time updates

Save time and money by using MyReports dashboard when sharing with external users!

We focus on helping companies to create the right dashboards and implement them in the right way. As clear and easy as possible.